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Half a Shay: the Sh


Eric's February 2007 expedition: find a logging incline in Yosemite Valley.


Eric's live steam Bachmann project


Eric's 7/8ths scale crew car


Lego train on gauge one track


Picnic with Rolls Royce Owners club, Napa CA, 2009


Futurama, Bender, Tin Toys, USA


Eric's MP from Felt Bicycles


An Alco-Garratt in 1:20 scale

This album contains pictures of the construction of an "Alco-Garrat" locomotive. Such locomotive never existed but could have been as Alco owned a license to build Garratt type locomotive from Beyer-Peacock. It is built out of two Accucraft Ruby chassis powered by a Titch boiler.

First test of the portable track.


Steamup on May 21st, 2006.

This is the first run day at Eric's layout. It is located in his girlfriend's small backyard.

Eric's 1:8n30 locomotive, an O.S. Krauss bash.


1:8n15 Ruby

Modifiying an Accucraft Ruby live steam locomotive from 1:20n3 to 1:8n15

Long wheel base Toyota Land Cruiser

A long wheel base, right hand drive, troup transport Toyota Land Cruiser.

Coaches for the Fairlie


Narrow Gauge Porter Locomotive


Full size locomotives


1:8 Scale Mich-Cal Shay


Hazmapo, Tri-Yella Figure, USA


Weeden, Model 702 live steam engine and accessories, USA


Garratt Bunkers


Junko Mizuno, Peach Night Chica, Miznotic Fantasy, Japan


Lego Museum

This is a showcase of old bricks and old kits made by Lego. It also contains models that I built using old bricks. Disclaimer: as you already know, Lego, Lego Technic and Lego MindStorms are trade marks of the Lego Group. I don't work for Lego Group and this page is neither supported nor related in any way with the Lego Group.



Back to the Future III, custom R.R. Delorean time machine




Converting a Bachmann Davenport gas mechanical outline electric locomotive to live steam. Because I can.


Steamup at Mark's place on December 9th, 2006.




Loading ramp for the Accucraft Garratt


Steamup at Richard and Melinda's On January 19th, 2008


Combat Armor Dougram, 3 Types Asstd., 1/144 scale, Japan


Uintah Mallet


Steamup on January 21st, 2006.

Today, Henner, Eric and myself had the priviledge to participate in the first steamup at Richard and Melinda's layout. While still under construction, the layout has most of its track in place. The weather was foggy, rainy and somewhat cold: in other words, perfect for running live steam trains!

A Shay locomotive and log train for BRIO track.


Eric's Modified Accucraft Ida


One input, two outputs

This simple mechanism runs one or the other output depending on the direction of rotation of the input shaft.

Maier internal combustion engine, Germany



Pictures of cars manufactured by Tesla Motors, including my Roadster

Steamup at Dr Dan's on September 30th, 2006.


Mars Pathfinder, Sojourner Rover, Hot Wheels


Tokidoki vinyl figures


J1772 Adapter

A compact adatper allowing to charge a Roadster from a J1772 compliant charger. This prototype is limited to 24A due to the internal components used!

Maker Faire 2009


Construction of a single blade switch based on the one found at Snaefell on the Isle of Man.


Eric's Konrad Bash, Steam in the garden, 2008, 2nd place contest winner


Large scale, dual gauge switch construction

On February 6th, 2006 I started work on my second large scale switch. Its main branch features dual gauge (3.5 inch and 4.75 inch gauges) whereas its diverging branch features only 4.75 inch gauge.

BAGRS Live Steam Track


"Almost Joe Vig" time travel vignette


A Shay with a twist




Delaware trip. August 2010

Pictures taken at the Hagley Museum near Willmington Delaware. Includes early patent models and powder yard railroad details.

Eric's Electra




1:8 scale trestle construction


Eric's Cricket from WLW, serial number 34


7t Decauville from HDC-Dampf


Eric's ride-on layout construction


Betsy - Project (Henner)


The first "official" steamup at Melinda and Richard's house. These pictures were shot on 08/26/2006.


Sacramento Summer Steamup, 2009.


Jeneric's House Progress


BayLUG meeting on October 8th, 2006.


Dynaman, Metal Roboss, Japan


Custom Case Threshing Machine, 1/16 Scale


Eric's 1:5 scale rolling stock and accessories




1:8 scale figures

I comissioned an artist to sculpt four figures in 1:8 scale.

Stomper 4x4's


Logging Activities at Jacks on 4-12-07




Ridding car


Building Saxonia


Kew Bridge Steam Museum


Walking dragline


Gachapon machine capsule toys, Japan




A "project" Toyota Land Crusier

This one is a daily driver. Needs paint and some rust work but otherwise appears complete.



Steamup at Mark's place on December 30th, 2006


Ardenwood 2005

Pictures and movies from the 2005 Rail Fair held at Ardenwood Park in Fremont CA.

Eric's Maxitrak Planet


Best Steam Tractor


Traxi-mod (?) concept development


2' on Eric's layout.


Saturday and Sunday

During the show I had very little time to look at the other exhibits, or even take good pictures of my own display!



Views of my (small) gauge one layout.


Live steam Lego locomotive

This locomotive is a 040+040 powered by a Midwest Product boiler and engine mounted on an articulated chassis made of Lego Technic bricks.

Narcissus, Alien, Action Fleet


Workshop, Henner's House, 2/4/12


Mining in 1" (1:12) scale, Eric's project.


Stomper Construction Machines


Models based on set 4404

This set is new for 2003. It includes intructions for several models of cars, trucks and motorbikes. The main model is a pickup truck. It is made up of two main parts: a chassis and a body, just like a real truck. The pictures below show how I built my set: the body is more or less per instructions, but the chassis is all new. The original has no steering and has 4 wheel independant suspensions.



Eric's Steam Tractor & Thresher, 1:20 scale


Various equipment in the Roaring Camp yard


MC120 tear down

Disassembling a Tesla Motors MC120.

Moon Way vehicle and containers


Micro Machines Alien Transforming Playset


Camera rigs




Krauss Riding Car Rebuild Album


Henner's one inch (1:12) scale live steam Heisler


After the pizza: 1:8 Scale diorama






MoAH's car show. 2008.


Swiss Vapeur Park

For more information, check their website here





Friday setup.


2011 Holiday steamup at Mark's


Turbine powered steam locomotive


BAGRS open house, May 2005

These pictures were taken during the first BAGRS open house at my place, on May 15th, 2005.

Disneyland resort, through the eyes of a model railroader. August 2010


Kubrick, Alien Space Jockey set


Contents of the my workshop.


Plymouth gas-mecanical


Cold Steel Tantos


Live steam hamster wheel


"Planet" first run at GGLS Sept. 2010


A pair of Jeepster Commandos

I see the blue one almost everyday, parked in front of the same house. ON the day I decided to stop and take some pictures of it, the second one appeared, only a block away!

Bricks by the Bay 2010


Eric's Kustom (Casey's Bike)


Eric's 1:14 scale truck project.


The Maximod


Building an accurate narrow gauge flat car in 1:8 scale


Cattle Mutilation Toy, Japan


Ardenwood 2010


Stomper Amphibious Crawlers


Lego BAGRS live steam locomotive.

This locomotive uses a Midwest Product single cylinder steam engine powered by a gas fired boiler. The chassis is made of Lego bricks. A complete meltdown is avoided by a piece of wood placed between the steam parts and the plastic bricks.



Jeneric's House Before


BAGRS at GGLS, May 2005

On May 1st, 2005 The Golden Gate Live Steamers had their spring public open house. The Bay Area Garden Railroad Society was invited to setup our portable live steam track. This album contains a few pictures of both GGLS memebers' pictures as well as some gauge 1 equipment on the BAGRS track.

Donkeys in 12" Scale

During a business trip I (Henner) could sneak out and drive to Camp 18 50 miles west of Portland/OR. Here a variety of logging equipment is on display, although unfortunately some of them in a state of decay. Thanks to David for hosting this gallery !

Plug Caddy


1:5 scale Plymouth, Eric's Maxitrak kitbash


The First Run of the Big Shay, Steamup at David's, 6/13/09


Large Scale Trains

Pictures of model trains and train projects ranging from 1:20 to 1:8 scale.

Sunbeam automobile display


Steamup at Crabfu's place on April 29th, 2007


May steamup at my place, 2007


Shunya Yamashita, Vinyl statues, Japan


Railroad Crane, 1:12 scale, scratch built


Roaring camp narrow gauge track in the forest


Robot Hacchan, Japan


Steam-up at Mark's on December 15th, 2007


Tiny Table Saw


Henner's 4-4-0




Howl's Moving Castle, metal jewelry box, Japan


David's bike


BAGRS show at Roaring Camp, 2007.


Mini Katana


Field Trip 4/27/2008 to Santa Cruz Lumber

Santa Cruz Lumber Co.



Boiler and Cab


National Summer Steamup near Sacramento, Ca. July 21st, 2007


Eric's 1 1/2" (1:8) scale Falk Locomotive


A critter bash that started in the 1930's; a Buddy L bash


APC, Aliens, Action Fleet




Stomper Military Tanks and Half Tracks


Bill's track extension


Peugeot 505

In good shape except that missing driver side mirror that has been "repared". I guess an original 505 mirror is somewhat challenging to come by in California...

Batman Begins Tumbler


Burrell tractor


Customs and Restorations


Lotus Esprit S2

This one is owned by the same guy who owns the '60 Cadillac

2007 BAGRS annual meeting.


Combat Armor Soltic, 1/72 scale, Japan


The Cabinet of Curious Frivolities; Eric's museum of unique toys.


EDH Lumber Co. 1:20.3 Scale Donkey Engines




Lego Technic models and ideas




Vintage Ford Pickup with travel trailer


BAGRS at Roaring Camp, June 18th, 2006


EDH Workshop Days


Henner's Guinness loco


Productimeter, USA


Maker Faire 2006


Eric's Bantam Shovel and Dragline

The adventures of modifying a pair of die cast models.

Macross Veritech Fighter (Valkyrie,) 1/48, Japan


1960 Cadillac


Eric's 1:20.3 scale "diesel" locomotives


Aliens Drop Ship and APC, die cast metal, Japan


Eric's Modified Dr Mercer steam tractor


Bill's scratchbuilt Garratt