Scratch built, all metal, working miniature crane. Quarter shown for scale.
A few commercial cast parts were used on this model such as the sprung axle boxes. The miniature bolts used to attach the axle boxes to the frame are visible.
The decking is made from miniature diamond tread plate. The diamond plate is steel. It was cut on a large sheet metal shear.
The winch was assembled from a commercial kit, but it had to be adapted to the aluminum frame of the crane gantry.
The crank side of the winch. The steel grab mounted on the bottom of the gantry frame is formed from a piece of steel bailing wire.
The weighted hook or "headache ball" was forged and soldered together from brass parts.
The frame of the crane was bolted together from various milled aluminum parts and miniature nuts and bolts.
Side view of the crane.