This model of a Case 28 - 47 Threshing machine was hand fabricated in Minnesota. It is approximately 18" long.
The model is entirely fabricated from metal-- except for the many fabric belts.
The model accurately captures the dizzying array of belts on the real machine.
The model was lacking a few details so Eric modified the model a bit. Here you can see one of the modifications. These are "band cutters" which were a series of oscillating blades used to cut up the straw so the grain could be screened out.
A view of the feed conveyor folded out.
Eric also added all these adjustment cranks. The were used to position the "wind stacker", a large tube that blew out the waste straw known as "chaff".
This belt drive was added as well. It powered an oscillation mechanism that could make the wind stacker move from side to side.
The last custom detail was the main drive belt which would have been run out to the flywheel of a tractor to power the machine. The rack for the belt was also added.
View of the wind stacker swiveled out and extended.
The sheet metal work around the chaff blower is very well done.