Weeden live steam engine, model number 702, produced between 1935 and 1940, is equipped with a simple electrically heated boiler. Fittings include water level sight glass, pressure safety valve, whistle. The cylinder is a small double-acting, oscillating design.
The builders plate includes all the important data. Below the builders plate, in the oval shaped hole, is the connection for the electrical cord. The engine uses a ceramic block heater which holds a coiled nichrome wire heating element.
Some of the fittings of this engine. The safety valve on the left, whistle in the center and the cast flywheel is on the right. Note the grove in the flywheel hub to add a belt drive for accessories.
The safety valve uses a long arm on which the operator would hang a lead weight. The detents on the arm allow the operator to adjust the operating pressure of the boiler.
The oscillating cylinder wobbles back and forth on a central pivot when running. This "wobble" action controls the admission of steam to either side of the piston.
This is a Weeden live steam transmission. A belt would be run from the engine to one of the pulleys, additional belts would be run to accessories.
Weeden live steam hammer accessory.
Weeden live steam table saw accessory.