The 1/48 Vertech came nicely packaged in a large, glossy, window box with a hinged front flap. All of the styles and color schemes seen in the series were available. This particular style is the VF-1A in woodland camo.
In Battloid (robot) configuration this toy is well articulated allowing a variety of poses.
Rear view of the Batteliod configuration.
In Battloid mode a heat/armor shield slides over the pilots cockpit. This can be seen as the gloss green part on the robots belly.
The rifle is equipped with a shoulder strap allowing it to be slung over the Battloid's shoulder.
This is Gaurdian (GERWALK) mode. As you can see it is a hybrid between Battleoid and fighter.
In the Japanese series the name GERWALK stood for Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint.
Fighter mode resembles the well known U.S. fighter jet, the F-14 Tomcat.
The beauty of this Mecha design is apparent when you see how sleek and seamless it looks in Fighter mode.
This toy is equipped with many detailed operational features. Here you see the opening canopy and the jointed landing gear tow hook that would be used for carrier launching the aircraft.
Incredible detail! You can remove the nosecone to expose an articulated radar array. the interior of the nose cone is detailed with structural ribs.
This small brake flap is also articulated. The cockpit is nicely detailed.
The landing gear are made of metal with rubber tires. They completly retract into the fuselage behind hinged hatches.
The ailerons are articulated and can be placed in a variety of positions.
Various wing mounted armaments were included with this toy.
The interior of the landing gear compartments and the hatch covers are detailed with structural ribs.