Eric's cruiser in stock form, although a cylinder shaped saddle bag and "8-ball" bell have been added.
The 865 D/STR "Rockabilly Boogy" is a hot rod that is owned by the Vintage Hammer garage. It is regularly raced on the Bonneville salt flats. The lettering was painted by the famous Ed Roth-- one of the gurus of hot rod culture.
The frame color is "matte sand" and features hot rod inspired pinstripes.
Stubby rear fender.
The Electra "Fatti-O" tire. Note the bullet valve stem cap. It is made from machined aluminum.
The more serious additions begin
Next modifications: front fork, head light, front cargo rack, etc. Stay tuned...
The new triple clamp fork and headlight installed!
The lower portion of the down tubes were sandblasted and painted flat black.
Eric fabricated a special 3-piece bracket that allowed him to mount a vintage reflector and a mud flap. He also bought this German medic bag at a surplus store which looks good strapped on to the rear rack.
A close up of the vintage bike reflector. It is made out of aluminum. It was cleaned it up and painted flat black.
The bullet headlight normally mounts to the lower portion of the fork. Eric wanted to mount it to the top clamp on the fork so he flipped the stock bracket and then made a small drop bracket so the headlight would clear the handle bar clamp.
The new fork gives a very rugged appearance.
Overall shot.
Who says an eco-friendly commuter cant have style!