Japanese Fantasy Artist Shunya Yamshita's seductive illustration of a schoolgirl named Sera Chan was the inspiration for this 1:7 scale statue.
Yamashita's character Shii Arisugawa wields a katana. This figure is also 1:7 scale.
Shi Arisugawa comes with all the accessories that a modern schoolgirl would need: a pink cell phone, stylish spectacles, and a katana. The eye glasses are made from etched stainless steel. They must be snipped from the frets and installed on the statue.
Both statues have seductive poses that reflect Yamshita's original illustrations.
Sera and Shii from behind.
The Sera and Shii statues feature removable skirts. Sorry, you will have to search online to find a picture of this feature-- the Cabinet of Curious Frivolities is a family museum.
Sera Chan has alluring eyes. This is a quality that Yamshita has mastered in his illustrations.