Jeneric's new back yard-- of corse It'c Casey's too. There is some work to be done here to spruce up the landscaping.
Garage side of the house. It is just wide enough for foot/trash can traffic and single RR track of 4 3/4" gauge.
Side yard. Future site of RR yard and locomotive engine service facility. Kitchen bay window is visible on the left.
Dear lord help me
Some of the fine features of this kitchen are: unhygienic tile/grout counter tops, substandard water pressure, yellowing continuous vinyl floors and the aroma of cheap Chinese incense.
The dish washer is located to the right of the sink which makes access to the corner cabinets challenging.
There is a bar-thingy that extends into the center of the kitchen. The cabinets,while old, are actually nicely constructed with solid oak doors. To bad they have to go.
A looming monolith of late 70's wood cabinets. Note the floral-granny wall paper and chair rail on the right.
Front door entry into the living room. Ratty gray carpet and textured ceilings embrace you as you enter.
Hmmm where do we put our incredibly tacky beveled glass mirror thing? I know, over the fireplace where everybody can admire it.