Spare bedroom after start of construction. Unfortunately I was unable to document the western cowboy theme stencil paintings that are now covered up by the soft earth color.
Hallway in spring green color. The new door casings are installed. Crown moldings are not in yet.
Eric's office. Note the crown molding and sage green color.
Jen's jewelry studio. The color is actually the same spring green color as the hallway.
Master bedroom. Same color as guest bedroom. A moisture membrane and 3/4" plywood subfloor was installed over the concrete slab foundation.
The living room is also painted spring green. The kitchen cabinets are temporarily staged in the living room.
The solid bamboo flooring has been installed in the living room. It is a bit dusty from construction but still gleams. you can also see the new base boards in the back ground.
This is the sola-tube. Solar powered interior light in the front entry area. Note the new crown molding.
The base cabinets are being positioned in the kitchen. The new duct is for an Italian style stainless range hood.
Note the new tile floor. The sink is going to be mounted in the same location in front of the window. Jeneric are using a 36" stainless steel "farmhouse" sink of heavy 16 gauge construction.
Tools and IKEA packaging fill the dining room. In case you hadn't noticed, the dinging room is red.
The wall of old brown cabinets is gone. The tall cabinet is a pull out pantry. Our new fridge will go where the ladders are.
Back in the hallway. The laundry is on the right.
The laundry room has been tiled and base boards installed.
A new arrival in the hallway
Hey there's a fridge in the living room.
The big and beautiful stainless farmhouse sink. The cabinet had to be modified for this sink.
Five burner gas range and dishwasher (still boxed).
Bam! and like that, there are countertops! Notice the commercial style handspray faucet.
A step back
Another step back and you can see the island which is also big and beautiful at OVER 4' x 5' in size!
The totally reconfigured area where the fridge will be.
This nook will be where the microwave oven will live. The small counter top will be the home of the kitchen computer.
The countertops are made from a a composite quartz material called Caesarstone. The color is new for 2010. It is called Basalt Black. It looks like a textured volcanic stone.
Zeroing in on completion. The backsplash tile is in but still needs grouting.
The handles are now on the cabinet doors.
The under cabinet lights still need to be mounted um-- under the cabinets.
On Tuesday, July 20, 2010. the contractors have basically finished. The light fixtures are a temporary solution.
A closeup look at the backsplash tile.
The farmhouse sink with it's custom modified cabinet. the cabinet to the far right is a 12" wide rollout for cleaning products.
The new gas range with the "Italian" style exhaust hood.
The microwave nook and tall pull out pantry.
The island with power. The floor is slate colored ceramic tile.
Another view of the range area.