This rare vintage set comes complete with a plastic diorama base so hobbyists could create a display with the robots.
The set came with examples and instructions on how to customize the display with paints and model railroad foliage.
Three different "Combat Armors" came in the set. Dougram (left), Soltic (right) and Crabgunner (center).
1/144 scale is pretty small, but it is a common military model scale. Here Dougram is compared to a U.S. quarter.
1/144 scale Combat Armor Soltic.
1/144 scale Combat Armor Crabgunner. Essentially a tank on walker legs.
Detail of 1/144 scale Soltic. The body arms and legs of these toys are metal. Detail parts are plastic.
Dougram is complete with all accessories including a back pack with large gun.
These toys are high quality but have limited posability.