This is my first Lego live steamer built using studless bricks and BBB wheels.
Side view of the front half. The BBB wheels are clearly visible.
A small locomotive for a small layout...
A 16-tooth gear was press fit onto the steam engine's shaft.
The articulation: two pivot points sandwich a U-joint used to carry power from the front haft to the rear one.
After a few laps, the wheels have lost their shine.
The live steam bits on the left, the Lego chassis on the right.
The large gear (40-tooth) at the front send power to a 12-tooth gear near the center of the engine. From there a second shaft, driven by a 20-tooth gear sends power to all the wheels via three U-joints (One for articulation and one per half-chassis for leveling).
This is the rear half chassis which carries the boiler, burner and fuel tank.
Bottom view of the front half of the chassis.
Rear half, bottom view.
This view shows that the chassis can accomodate a much tighter radius than my layout's R1 curve (60cm / ~2ft).
In this view, the chassis is up side down and the articulation of the axles is shown.
See the beast in action! (3MB)