On the outside, this playset looks like a nice model of the Alien creatures head.
Inside is a detailed playset that depicts some of the films most shocking moments. The playset included small 1.25" tall figures of Kane, Parker and Ripley.
The front of the playset depicts the scene when the crew of the space craft Nostromo discoveres a large hole in the floor of a derelict alien vessel
Kane was lowered down through the hole to find a cavernous "egg chamber".
One of the really creepy features of this toy is a button that you push which opens the alien eggs. In the movie a creature called a "Facehugger" emerges from these eggs and attaches itself to Kanes face. This ultimately brings the parasitic alien on board the Nostromo.
The top of the playset nicely depicts the white paneled hallways of the Nostromo complete with a sliding door.
The most shocking and bloody scene in the film is depicted in this toy. The chest burster is shown emerging from Kanes chest. Rotate aknob on the back of the playset and the chest burster spins and moves Kanes body around on the table.
The middle of the playset depicts the dark lower corridors of the Nostromo. A small lever on the back of the playset makes the alien pop out of the wall to surprise Parker.
Captured! Pulling back on the small lever make the alien retract which closes it's arms around parker.
Ripley encounters the alien armed with a flamethrower.
Overall the playset stands 7" tall.
This label sheet was provided so the playset could be detailed with panels and monitor screens.
The back of the playset is devoid of detail but features the controls for the various "action features".