The first part of the movie shows the vehicle climbing two ramp track sections. The second part shows it going around a curve and then right onto ramp: this is the most difficult combination and the vehicle barely manages it. In practice a strait section should always be used on either end of a ramp, if possible.
The power unit: it contains a 9V battery, a Technic motor geared 1:1 into the main shaft, and two powered axles.
The crew unit: it seats six plus driver.
The cargo unit: it carries one 10-stud long container.
Bottom view of the crew unit.
Bottom view of the cargo unit Note the universal joints along the center of the frame: they are needed as the frame bends slightly when loaded and causes a rigid drive shaft to bind.
Close up of a wheel. The rubber tire provides good traction while the plastic side wheel guides the vehicle around a curve.
The long wheel base unit has no problem going over the top of a ramp.
Close up of the ground clearance.
I pushed the enveloppe with the crew unit's fron overhand...
Door end view of a standard cargo box container.
Same with door opened.
Containers in various color schemes.
The containers can be stacked, of course...
Off road, articulated container carrier.
The carrier loaded with one container.
If the terrain is not too rough, the carrier can be loaded with two containers.
Dual tank container.
When connected to a moonbase corridor (I used another container as a corridor for the picture as I currently don't have a MB module), the container door can slide open.
Interrior view of the white and blue container.
This view and the next few show a double moonbase module I built as a container terminal.
The white forklift can stack containers three high. It uses Technic worm gears to control the hight and pitch of the forks. The elevation is controlled by turning the red "light" on top of the operator cab. The forklift contains two Lego weight bricks to keep it balanced.
This picture and the next three show a ship designed to carry smaller containers (the Lego train containers) docked to my moonbase module. The ship was built by a fellow BayLUG member whose name escapes me at this time... On that occasion we found out that the standard Lego train container fits inside one of my space container!
Closeup of the connection between the moonbase module and the ship.
This and the next three pictures were an opportunity to try my camera's manual focus function for the first time. Shooting pictures through a window is quite a challenge...
I built this little ship as an inspection vehicle for the container facility's foreman.