In Back to the Future III the Delorean time machine was fitted with rail wheels so it could be pushed up to 88 mph. by a steam locomotive
This 1:24 scale die cast metal model of the Delorean time machine was produced by Welly and underwent extensive custom surgery to allow it to run on G gauge track.
It is a nice model with many details and opening gull wing doors- of course.
It was through the open passenger side door of the time machine that Marty slipped the pink Mattel "Hover Board" to Doc Brown-- all while racing down the tracks under steam power.
Rear view of the modified rail Delorean. Note the license plate which was obtained when the Delorean traveled to the year 2015.
Side view of the famous vehicle. Ready for time travel.
Just be hind the passenger seat you can see the flux capacitor which is "what makes time travel possible". This detail was molded in gray plastic and hand painted by Eric.
In the year 2015 the plutonium powered reactor was replaced with a Mr. Fusion which supplied the 1.21 gigawatts necessary for time travel. The Mr. Fusion used household trash for fuel.
In the second movie the time machine's "time circuits" got destroyed by a lightning strike and ultimately had to be replaced by vacuum tubes and other various 1955 electronic components. which were strapped to the hood.
All the electrical do-dads are nicely rendered.
When they replaced the time circuits in 1955 they also needed to replace the tires for reasons too convoluted for me to explain here. For a brief spell the Delorean wore whitewall tires and red steel rims. In 1855 the tires were replaced with RR wheels.
These custom RR wheels were machined from brass. In the film the wheels had straight spokes but Eric settled for round holes due to the difficulty of making straight spoke wheels. The chassis of this model underwent some serious cutting to fit these wheels.