Howl's Moving Castle, from the Hayo Miyazaki animated feature, meticulously rendered in metal.
Front view of the castle. This model was purchased from the Studio Gibli Museum in Japan.
The details on the front of the castle resemble a face with a large protruding tongue.
On the rear of the castle many exhaust ports are visible, as well as the tiny entrance door between the rear legs.
Every balcony, window, door and railing is nicely sculpted.
A surprise! In fact this beautiful little model is actually a jewelry box. Here you can see how one of the balconies slides out to become a tiny drawer.
The model separates into three pieces revealing two hidden compartments. Three miniature drawers also slide open for a total five hidden spaces.
In typical Japanese fashion, the interior surfaces of the hidden compartments are depicted with intricate rivet and panel detail.