The Tumbler revolutionized our idea of what the Batmobile should look like in the 2005 film Batman Begins. This collectable toy is 1:18 scale and was released by Hotwheels.
The rear of the car is like nothing else out there. The movie vehicle used a dually truck rear axle.
The vehicle has angular body panels that resemble a stealth jet fighter.
The front wheels are faithful replicas of Daytona steel Nascar wheels with Hoosier dirt track tires. The tiny round divots in the tread of these tires are where metal studs can be installed on the real tires.
Juts ahead of the rear wheels are some silver tanks. on the movie vehicle these stored propane that was used for the afterburner effect on the rear of the vehicle.
This hoop shaped piece is evidence of the way that the real movie vehicle was constructed. The car uses a full tubular chassis design just like a Nascar. This U-bent steel tube is the only part of that frame visible. It acts as a mount for the coil over shocks.
Nice replicas of Interco TSL Super Swamper tires used on the real movie vehicle.
The cockpit has basic detail and partially opens. In the film, the cockpit opening mechanism was so sophisticated that it was installed on a tumbler that had no engine and was only used for scenes that needed to show the vehicle opening up.
The many flaps and spoilers are visible, as well as the serrated edges which were inspired by surfaces found on stealth aircraft.
The cantilevered axle-less front suspension is one of the more notable features of the car.