This large size steam donkey was running on air, lifting a log.
The Falk's winch was also running on air.
A very nice 7 inch gauge riding car
My two ride-on scale engines: the maximod (3.5 inch gauge, not currently running) and the center cab (4.75 inch gauge, running chassis, unfinished body).
The Vermod and the Philadelphia. Both ran great!
The Vermod is always a crowd pleaser...
On its first run, the Philadelphia kept sliping its drivers. A quick adjustment of the pressure on rear pony truck took care of the problem and it had noproblem pulling a couple of Accucraft brass dump cars.
This is the first of four steam donkey that Henner, Eric and myself are building.
This is Henner's heavley modified and radio controlled Mamod.
Here is Henner's scratch built A-Climax.
Here is an Accucraft Ruby-based Fort Wilderness engine.
Here is an Accucraft Shay with a plantaion cab.
Here is one of two Shays with a scratch built cab.
Another Shay variation.
Here is Eric's ride-on scale train.
This locomotive is being modified from an OS Krauss (a Geman prototype) into an American engine. Eventualy, the side tanks will be removed and replaced by the scratch built tender.
This cabbose houses a propane tank to fuel the "AmeriKrauss"...
One of the 7 inch gauge engines used by GGLS to pull public trains.
A great looking and running one inch scale SP 4-8-4 (4 3/4 inch gauge).