This is a die cast model of a 4 cylinder gas powered shovel. The model was built to 1/25 scale. I (Eric) am upscaling it to 1:20.3 scale.
The modifications begin by removing the original cab and repainting the chassis. I chose dark gray for the color.
The as part of the "upscaling" the original seat (left) will be replaced by the nice brass tractor seat.
To add a little contrast I painted the engine green. This took a couple hours because I had to go back and repaint all the ignition wires, belts and hoses black.
Notice that the battery terminal on the right is red. The primary transmission guard is in the foreground.
The secondary transmission gears actually rotate when the winches are operating, proving what a nice model this is. I painted the gears a color called "cast coat iron".
the new cab is being framed out. This project will not only upscale the model but it will backdate it a bit too.
Side view.
Compare the size of the new cab (left) to the stock one on the dragline (right).
The dragline is stock except for the weathering job. I am planning on modifying it as well.
The new cab is fully framed and the metal roof material has been installed. The corrugated metal was cut from a corn can like the one on the right.
Here you can see the 0-80 bolts that secure the roof.
The siding has been installed and painted.
The shovel now looks much better with a 1:20.3 figure.
Metal parts,left to right: counterweight, rear floor extension, exhaust pipe, tractor seat and bucket release pulley. In the back: new floor plates.
Close up of some of the new brass bits.
Again, brass goodies. They have been blackened.
The new bucket release handle, machined by Henner.
New floor plates installed.
Gas tank made from two plastic locomotive headlights. steel wire used for fuel lines.
the rear floor extension is secured with 1-72 hex head screws.
All the new floor plates are steel so figures and clutter can be magnetically attached.
Here you can see the new bucket release pulley and handle installed.
The following six photos show the new lettering installed. The lettering was done with dry transfers.
Shovel lettering 2
Shovel lettering 3
Shovel lettering 4
Shovel lettering 5
Shovel lettering 6
The finished shovel is now weathered.
The expertly painted figure is from Fine Folk and painted by professional sculptor and detailer Kathleen Halbert. The dog is a resin figurine from a gift shop.
Bucket o' grease. The "grease" is black silicone caulk.
Sitting in front of the tranny cover is a gas can and tool box. All of this clutter is attached with magnets so it can be repositioned.
Tractor seat and controls.