This movie (17MB) shows some of the trains that ran as well as the entire layout...
Mark's holiday layout is an extension of his year-round front yard layout. This section is the temporary one (which uses part of the neighbour's lawn and flower bed).
The track sections that go through the driveway are setup only for the weekends.
Eric's weathered and detailled Accucraft Shay.
My Superior with some Accucraft rollling stock (weathered by Eric).
Eric's modified Regner Konrad.
Mark's wife's Allisan (spelling?) Shay.
Mark's son's BAGRS project loco.
Same power plant, different chassis: my Lego BAGRS project.
Over a year ago, Henner re-did the floors in his house and used this piece of scrap material to make a camera car for me. I finaly got around to adding the bolt for holding the camera...
Eric's live steam donkey.
Henner's livesteam donkey.
This car (as well as the one to its right) was built around a shortened LGB chassis.
The only engine to experience serious trouble was the only electric one...
Its cab await while Eric works on its chassis.
Mark's nice through truss.
Eric brought an interesting load for his flat car: a Lego locomotive!
Mark, our host, is getting his K27 ready for a run.
Although the forcast called for an 80% chance of rain, the day was mostly dry until about 4PM...