This is an Electra "Super Deluxe". I have added a wooden box to carry a grocery bag (or a laptop computer or a small steam locomotive or a couple of Lego models...). I have also flipped the handle bar riser for a more streamlined look and a more laid-back ridding position.
Here is the handle bar riser pointing back.
The bike shop installed this headlight on the handle bar using a ratchet strap. I found that it distracted from the otherwise clean lines of the bike, so I relocated the headlight just above the front fender where a reflector used to be.
The headlight is mounted using a custom aluminum bracket. It was drilled and milled to fit where the ratchet strap mechanism used to be. One of these days, I will paint it chrome.
The rear light was originally mounted to the seat post but once I added the box it became invisible, so I relocated it below the luggage rack using a modified bracket that used to hold a red reflector. The bracket was re-shaped so the light is slightly recessed under the rack.
I use a block of foam to carry things like my laptop computer. When I go grocery shopping, the foam comes out and box is the right size for a cloth bag.