David uses the railroad to build the railroad. As he excavates the right of way he fills the tipper so it can be rolled to the corner of the yard and dumped.
Filling the tipper wagon.
Re-gauging the track to 4.75" and 3.5" (dual gauge)
Eric's neighbor Brian, from across the street, has N scale trains but Eric persuaded him to do a spot of ride on scale track work.
Brian tightens down some track screws.
The small bulkhead flat holds all all the track tools, fish plates, bolts, nuts, etc.
Casey the Border Collie trots past the track work wagon.
I think the train crew want's to speed up the excavation.
Nuthin a little TNT can't fix.
Looking east towards the front yard.
Looking west. David, Eric and Brian put in 40' of track in one day.
The s-curve was challenging. ballast work still needs to be done.
Eric made these wood boxes to hold track screws, nuts and fishplates.
Closeup of track hardware box.