Soltic is a toy from the 80's Japanese series Combat Armor Dougram. Prior to this Japanese robots were represented as gargantuan in size and having magical properties. Dougram presented a more grounded vision of robots as military vehicles. These toys produced in popular military model scales. They came in elaborate slip-case packages so adult Japanese collectors could conceal the toys on their bookshelves.
Produced by Takara toys. The Dougram series sought to tap into a more adult audience. They actually called these toys "dual models" which referred to the use of two materials, high quality plastic and die cast metal.
One of the amazing features of the dual models was the ability to remove all of the armor pieces from the body exposing a detailed and posable die cast metal endoskeleton. Here Soltic is pictured with just some of the pieces removed.
The chest armor has ben removed and the die cast body with caution markings can be seen. The small gray plastic driver seat can be removed. This unlocks the arms so they could be exchanged with other robots in the series, allowing collectors to conduct "repairs" on their machines.
By far the most interesting feature is the elaborate shock absorber mechanism concealed inside the removable leg armor.
This complicated linkage and piston mechanism is actually spring loaded to compress under load.
Many cues from military vehicles appear on Soltic including a red missile pod and a clear removable canopy similar to a military fighter plane.