In 2006 I began re-bashing my Regner Konrad into a new locomotive. There was nothing on the locomotive that wasn't painted, altered, disassembled, modded or machined (thanks Henner).
I cant possibly list all of the changes I made here so these picture focus on the highlights.
Sratchbuilt tender. The small handwheel on the back is the fuel control.
Bronze flywheel machined from a PM Research casting.
This Trackside Details turbo generator was modified to actually exhaust steam. The effect is controlled by a mini globe valve in the cab. The handmade walnut cab is the backdrop.
The mighty Konrad now has an American face with an Accucraft Mimi smokebox door and headlight.
The cab was outfitted with a tiny 1/2" pressure gauge. The red handwheel above and to the left of the pressure gauge is for the turbo generator.
In this view the tender tanks are visible. They actually house a single large fuel tank from an Accucraft C-16. Note the hand assembled shovel with a walnut handle and the brass oil can. The oil can has a magnet inside it so it stays in place on the tender tanks.
A peek in through the cab window reveals the turbo generator valve, pressure gauge, sight glass, throttle and the reversing handle. The cab interior is painted light green.
The tender connection. Fuel makes it's way to the burner through a rubber hose and mini quick connect fitting. The foot plate is made from etched brass treadplate.
All the pipe work was redone with superscale pipe fittings. Note the bucket in the lower left corner.
This beautiful little bench vise is cast from brass. It is from Regner and actually works!
A clear view of the backhead with the cab removed.
Konrad rests on a siding after a successful test. My 2 cylinder Shay steams by pulling a rusty tank car.