In 1986 Schaper released a series of amphibious Stompers as part of their futuristic line, "Mega Star". These rare crawler based Stompers called "Aqua Fighters" could travel on land, water and even underwater. In 1987 Tyco took over the stomper line and rehashed the Aqua Fighters into a new line known as "Diving Devils" Tyco also introduced a new body style to the line.
Only produced for one year, Stomper Aqua Fighters are quite rare.
The Aqua fighters came with a small posable figure that could sit in the cockpit of the vehicle. The vehicle's bodies were larger than most stompers because of the floatation ballast tanks.
The chassis had a small secondary gear box in the rear that ran a propeller. This is how the vehicle would move when floating in water.
This is the other Aqua Fighter body style
Also equipped with a small figure this Aqua Fighter is painted in sharp looking aquatic camo.
The bodies of the Aqua Fighters and Diving Devils had angled fronts to provide a good approach angle to the crawler chassis.
This Diving Devil illustrates the new body style introduced in 1987
This body style had a single large rudder to control direction.
The Diving Devils also came with a figure and an opening cockpit.
Diving Devil front view.
The rubber plug above the "Mega Star" logo was a feature shared by all Aqua Fighters and Diving Devils. By pulling the plug upwards you would vent air from the ballast tanks, filling them with water and submerging the vehicle. It could then drive along the bottom with it's crawlers.
The chassis from this line is very interesting. It has very low gearing resulting in a slower speed and greater torque. The propeller and it's gear box are clearly visible.