The spacecraft Narcissus was the "life boat" for the larger ship, the Nostromo in the movie Alien.
The main thrusters of the Narcissus. In the movie the alien gets burned up by one of these thrusters.
This toy, which was part of Galoob's Action Fleet line, is nicely detailed.
Looking up at the underside of the toy we can see the retractable landing feet.
The rear hatch of the ship opens. A small figure of Ripley was included with the toy.
Inside this toy there is a fully detailed interior. Access to the interior is provided by opening the front panel which hinges upward.
The interior features many details seen in the movie. Here Ripley checks on Jones the cat who is shown inside his carrier.
Ripley can also be seated in either of the two cockpit chairs.
Galoob toy sculptors went the extra mile and detailed many of the toys surfaces with conduits and hoses.
Ripley opens the hypersleep chamber in preparation for her return to Earth.
Hiding in the opposite corner of the ship is a menacing threat. The alien figure also came with the toy.
By sliding a small lever on the bottom of the ship the alien figure "pops" out of the wall to surprise Ripley.
After blasting the alien out of the airlock Ripley begins her trip back to Earth.
The Narcissus is approximately 6" long.
The toy also came with a display stand.
Even the display stand is nicely sculpted with "bio-mechanoid" details.