In 1983 The Stomper "Mobile Force" line of military vehicles was introduced by Schaper. Primarily composed of different trucks, they also released three styles of tanks. In 1984 they added one more style of tank and two different half tracks. Each vehicle came in two camo patterns. The entire line continued unchanged until Stomper production stopped in 1988.
Swiss Pinzgauer Ambulance. Dark green U.S. Camo. Wheeled vehicles, like this, made up the bulk of the "Mobile Force" collection until 1984, when the Half Tracks and Russian Tank were introduced.
You can see that the Tanks and Half Tracks rode on a longer chassis than the 4x4 trucks.
U.S. M-60 Tank. Light brown camo. Production run: 1983-1988
Russian T-54 Tank. Dark green camo. Production run: 1984-1988
Russian T-54 Tank (rear view.)
German Tiger Tank. Brown and panzer yellow. Production run: 1983-1988
German 251 Half Track (rare.) Panzer yellow. Production run: 1984-1988
German 251 Half Track (rear view.)
British Centurion Tank. Tan camo. Production run: 1983-1988
U.S. M16 Half Track (rare.) Light brown camo. Production Run: 1984-1988
U.S. M16 Half Track (rear view.)
The 50 cal. anti aircraft turret, known as the "quad 50", on the M16 Half Track.
All of the vehicles in the "Mobile Force" line were offered in two color schemes. On these two U.S. M16 Half Tracks you can see green camo on the right and brown on the left.