Walt Disney's Lily Belle. On display in Main Street station. Not sure if original or replica. Gauge appears to be 4 3/4
Most of the popcorn vendor stands have a small "steam engine" that runs off a sprocket/chain and an electric motor.
Pacific Electric "Red Car" trolley with wig-wag. Scale model of future project for CA Adventures. To be launched in 2011.
The following 13 photos show some of the beautifully executed life size scenery around the"Grizzly River Run" ride in CA Adventures. Narrow gauge mining cars with ore tipple.
Disney Imagineers used real mining cars. Unsure of track gauge somewhere between 18-24".
Sign attached to ore tipple.
Across the foot path from the ore tipple is a small scene with a tie cart, winch and an extremely rare vintage Toyota Landcriuser 1 ton pickup.
Toyota Landcruser pickups were discontinued in the United States in 1967. They are very rare collectable cars. This one makes a nice piece of scenery.
Junked ore cars decorate the hills around the ride.
Old gas engine near the waiting area shelter.
Gears and flat pulleys near the waiting area shelter.
Inside the waiting area shelter for the raft ride. Flat belt pulleys. The structures are built to resemble an abandoned saw mill.
Atlas steam engine near the entrance to the ride.
Connecting rod and fly-crank on Atlas steam engine.
Inside the ride there is a full size American Hoist and Derrick donkey engine.
A peek through the tree branches at the donkey engine.
This is the building that hoists the rafts to a higher part of the ride. expertly weathered to look like an abandoned structure. Note the bear shaped "mountain" in the back.
Now we head over to the "Tower of Terror" (next 18 pics.) The waiting area for the ride artfully depicts a ghostly, run down 1930's hotel.
Wall sconces and cracked walls in the "lobby" of the Tower of Terror.
After watching a video in the "library" of the hotel visitors are escorted into a waiting area that looks like a haunted creepy boiler room.
There are many small scenes in the boiler room such as this workbench strewn with vintage tools, pictures, and an old radio.
A long forgotten project, the occupant of the workbench was repairing a large pressure gage. The radio crackles with creepy sounds. A nice haunted detail is that the radio is on but it is not plugged in.
Large switches, electrical boxes, gauges and dials.
On the back wall is a monstrous boiler that emits a low rumble and flickering orange light.
Huge pipe under the monolithic boiler.
Ducts, fans and chains. Everything is expertly aged and distressed to resemble a vintage hotel boiler room.
More pipes and panels.
There are upper catwalks in the boiler room because visitors board the ride on two levels. This scene,on the upper level, depicts dusty storage bins of old spare parts.
Detail of the parts storage area.
Vertical boiler visible on the upper catwalk.
Pipes drip water from the upper level to the lower level.
large chain host in the upper level.
The ride takes visitors on a terrifying plummet inside a service elevator of the haunted hotel. This scene depicts the "elevator control system"-- uh, not very confidence inspiring.
This is the door to the elevator that visitors ride in. There five additional doors like this one to handle all the riders.
An imposing sight. The last thing you see before going on this thrilling ride.
Back in the Disneyland theme park we pay a visit to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a mining themed roller coaster where each "train" is headed up by an out of control locomotive.
The roller coaster features tracks that look like rickety railroad track.
Some of the scenery around Big Thunder Mountain. A small vertical boiler locomotive pulls a cart of mining supplies.
A closer look at the locomotive reveals a walking beam steam engine.
Large gear leans against a building.
More carts of mining supplies are visible while waiting for the ride. Note the old pillar drill in the background.
Riders wait in line surrounded by mining structures tracks and trains. Note the derrick in the upper left corner of the photo.
A couple doors that are for cast members only are labeled like dynamite storage lockers.
Visitors walk past an old stamp mill while waiting in line
A the loading platform, just where riders board the roller coaster, there is a large old stationary engine.
Cylinder and crosshead of the steam engine.
Balancing weights visible inside the rim of the flywheel on the steam engine.
This whistle is mounted just above the steam engine.
All aboard! Wait a minute, there are no controls in the locomotive-- uh oh, this is going to be a rough ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
A quick jaunt into Toon Town to visit the Roger Rabbit ride and I spotted the Jolly Trolley.
Cute cartoony scenery inside the Roger Rabbit ride.
Only the finest toon tires in Toon Town.
Some random scenery-- crazy downspouts in the back alleys of Toon Town.
A cartoony bubbling boiler/still thing in the weasels "dip" processing facility, Toon Town.