This is my complete electric train.
This is my battery powered locomotive. It uses a comercial chassis from Ridding Rail Kits and a scratch built body (still under construction). My friend Eric is doing most of the work on this one...
Here is my home made ridding car, complete with tool box! It is made of welded steel. The wheels are a comercial product from One Inch Scale Railroad Supplies. The seat is redwood.
My flat car runs on One Inch ScaleRailroad Supplies trucks. Eric built the wood body. THe load is Lathe's former motor (3/4HP).
Here is a general view of the Gauge one layout.
Same area, different angle
Henner's A-Climax ran like a clock, as usual.
the log's view" of the Henner's A-Climax.
In the forground you can see the gauge one bridge. Behind it is the ride-on scale bridge.
Here is Eric running his live steam OS Krauss past my electric train.
On left is our first steam donkey. Next to it are all the parts needed to assemble three more...
Everybody's favourite school bus.
Eric received this whistle as gift and had an air tank, so he mounted the hole thing on skids...
This nice looking crane is actualy a radio controlled toy. Eric removed the modern cab and body then built an old timer type body in wood. A nice paint job turned this bright plastic toy into a decent looking one inch scale model.