Our Donkey Engine Project, started in 2001, is finally nearing completion.
Donkeys 2 and 3 await plumbing, paint and, of course, wooden sleds.
Close up of the working clutch lever on donkey # 3
The cluth levers on donkey # 3 note the mis-matched handles. We did this to represent a machine that was repaired by the EDHL Co. shops.
The brake pedals still need to be installed. The frame is bolted together with 1-72, hex head, screws.
Donkey # 3
This is the log sled for donkey #1. I am carving the recesses for the truss rod nuts. the other skid is visible in the background.
This is the cut-timber sled for donkey # 3 the material is red oak. Red oak is HEAVY so this engine will be very stable for loading logs.
Detail of the red oak sled showing the cracks and wood grain I added.
The two cut-timber sleds for donkeys 2 and 3.
Detail of the sled for donkey #2. The material is poplar. This is a lightweigt hardwood so this donkey should be able to drag itself.
The cut-timber sleds with their boilers, in primer, mocked up.
Note the addition of the fairlead block on top of the front cross-beam on these sleds.
On July 7th, 2006, we operated two donkeys (with compressed air) at Jack Verducci's open house.
This first donkey was setup for yarding along an improvised skid road visible in the next pictures.
The second donkey, located in the shade on the right of this picture, was setup as a crotch line loader.
Donkey engine #3 FINISHED!!!!
The exhaust pipes are installed and all the plumbing is painted.
Throttle valve, installed, complete with support brackets.
The sled is bolted together with real square nuts.
Detail of tie down rings and square nuts.
On the front of the sled runners are the "bridle irons" which act like large grommets, and are used for tying the sled down, or dragging it.
The butane tank has been disguised as a water barrel.
Modified Ozark sheaves. They all have steel axles and brass pulley faces for precision running.
Team of donkeys.
Our project is nearly complete.
The virtual donkey. While we were busy building the actual things, I somehow agreed to turn Henners' 2D drawings into a solid 3D model... Once it is complete, I will publish it in a more interactive format.
These two short clips were shot by Crabfu at the National Summer Steamup in Sacramento CA.
Same movie as the previous one, only lower resolution and smaller file size (1.4MB versus 14MB).
Shot during Jack Verducci's open house in July 2005. This movie focuses on the logging activities of the layout. It starts at the camp where the donkey loads logs (made of real red wood, not some light, hollow plastic parts) on a set of disconects. The disconnects are then brought down to the mill using Henner's A-Climax. The movie lasts nearly four minutes.