At over a foot long, and with the heft of die cast metal, this Drop Ship is one impressive piece.
The Drop Ship is a VTOL type of aircraft with the ability to hover like a Harrier jump jet.
With the look of a vietnam war era Huey helecopter, the cockpit has a detailed figure of Ferro, the dropship pilot.
Here are the thrust nozzles that allow the Drop Ship to hover. For this toy the front nozzle is actually the latch for the cargo bay ramp. A twist of the nozzle and the ramp drops.
The wings have large missile pods on them that reflect those worn by Huey helicopters. These wings fold back into the body of the aircraft.
The lower missile pods also fold outward. In the movie, the power loader was shown loading a missile into one of these pods.
Looking up into the cargo bay of the aircraft you can see that the interior is detailed.
the landing feet are finely detailed and made of die cast metal just like the body of the aircraft.
The Drop Ship with it's wings folded. In this configuration it could dock into the cargo bay of the Sulaco. The model also came with landing gear in the retracted position.
A 1:72 scale Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) was available separately. It can be stowed inside the cargo bay of the Drop Ship
Immediate dust off on my mark." The APC is also made of hefty die cast metal.
A special black version of both models was available. Here you can see both versions of the APC.
The APC is finely detailed and wears Sulaco markings.
The top mounted gun turret can rotate and slide into the stowed position on the back of the vehicle. The tires of the APC model are soft rubber.
The vehicles each came with different figures.
The Vasquez figure stands atop a U.S. quarter for scale.
The models came in large glossy packaging.