hi bottom view1
Under the hood is a V8 engine. In order to fit it, I had to completely rebuild the structure of the body.
Here is the front suspension and steering shown with one wheel removed for clarity. Notice the sharp angle of the double universal joint used to link the steering wheel to the steering mechanism. Because of the way the rack is mounted I had to use a 16 tooth gear to drive it, to compensate for that "quick acting" setup, I added a 1:3 gear reduction between the sterring wheel and the shaft driving the rack.
hi front suspension2
hi front view1
hi front view2
The main addition up front (appart from the engine) is functional steering. This was quite a challenge because I wanted the steering to be actuated from the steering wheel in the cab and still retain as much as possible of the scale and detailed interior of the original model
The truck uses a solid, live axle setup at the rear. It has coil springs with a Watt linkage to reduce side to side motion. I used an old style differencial because it is more realistic than the new one and in this model there is no need for high torque to be transmitted.
hi rear suspension2
hi rear suspension3
hi side view1