Trains From
The Western Railway Museum

This picture and the following ones were taken at the Western Railway Museum, in Rio Vista, CA. This is one of the two Key System units owned by the Museum. These units used to run accross the Bay Bridge, between Oackland and San Francisco.
Here is a close-up showing the articulation between the two half cars.
This is probably one of the smalest engine built and owned by the Key System!
Here is a view of the this locomotive's controls. This picture was taken through the front window of the second Key System unit, inside the car barn.
This car was built and is still used today to maintain the overhead wire.
Here is a close-up view of one of its trucks.
Here is a close-up view of the work platform.
When I said that it is still used today, I was not kidding!
Here is one side of the single truck Sacramento Northern car number 62.
Here is the other side...
Here is Sacramento Northern number 652. This engine has obviously known better days...
Here is a car from the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway. A car of this design once reached 97mph (155km/h)!
The museum also owns some non traction equipment, as the following pictures show. This is a small diesel (gas?) engine in great need of repair...
I think that this unit is a dual motor GE design. Note the missing side rods...
Here is an Alco(?) engine, formally owned by the US Navy.

Copyright 2004 David Wegmuller