Minifig Scale
Lego crane

This is a minfig scale (about1:40) model of a mobile crane. It features a ten wheel chassis (8 wheel steering) and a telescoping boom.

The following pictures show it gets set up.

First, The out riggers are extended out, providing a stable, oversized base.

next the special rtuck and trailer carrying the jib boom is positioned in front of the crane. The trailer then raises the jib into position.

At this point the hook is disconnected from the main boom and the jib is secured in place.

Now the jib winch is connected and the boom lifts the jib off its trailer.

The booms are then lowered down a bit sothe hook can be attached to the end of the jib.

Finaly, the main boom is raised fully and extended. The crane is now ready to work.

Construction notes:

Being a minifig scale model, I wanted to make sure that despite its large dimensions (over 39 studs long and about 9 studs wide), it could negociate Lego roads without problems. This animation shows that it works!

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